The way we see it


Goethe once sad that “the mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art”. Art is something you cannot defined or put into simple world, you cannot trim it down to a few positive adjectives made to inspire, at best. Art is something we have to describe on our own, without perhaps making it public. Different connotations, feelings, vibes, feedback, emotions – art is different for everyone.

However, art is the source of millions of topics and subjects, and we cannot not talk about it. Our entire lives circles around art, whether it is photography, design, nature, painting, music, fashion, book, poetry. That is why, we hope you’ll find on this website various subjects of discussion about art and that we manage to bring you new perspectives and points of view with regards to how gigantic art is.

The posts consist of information meant to help you in your artsy mission or profession, and also they are set on making you dream and wonder about the many ways art expresses itself. We also aim to bring light upon all the smart methods you can take advantage of to create a piece of art you never thought you can set in motion. This website wants to elaborate on the topic of creativity and talent to see and showcase the world and ourselves in any method we want.

This website is a generator of ideas, an explorer in terms of ideas and astonishing facts, colours, thoughts and stories. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our well-researched articles, and that they will give you at least a snippet of boost to go out and… simply create.

And to end with another great inspirational saying by an equally famous artists, Oscar Wilde: “Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.